Turn Up the Music’s PLAY.MUSIC strategy is based on a simple philosophy of the broader the base of opportunity, the higher the peak of achievement, which means enabling more people to learn to play, perform, experience and enjoy different types and forms of music.

The Play.Music vision is that all children in the Wakatipu basin have access to quality and enriching music education throughout their primary schooling.


  • Provides opportunities for children to be involved in creating music within the classroom.
  • Creates a foundation for further music learning at later stages.
  • Enables inclusion for all children.
  • Gives classroom teachers skills and confidence to teach music using the Charanga Programme.

The aim of Play.Music is to use specialist music teachers to run mentoring programmes for teachers within schools. This will establish teams of teachers who are confident, competent and skilled in providing music education. Play.Music has been successfully trialled in 2020 at Queenstown Primary School (QPS).


The benefits of music education are well-established:
  • Credible research shows music is an essential component to student wellbeing which is critical in an increasingly complex society.
  • Music helps foster creativity, collaboration and confidence among children.

There is potential for Play.Music to influence the lives of 2500 primary aged students in the Wakatipu basin and more widely in New Zealand.

Music Teaching & Vocal Training

  1. Provide an expanded after-school music teaching and vocal training programme through a dedicated group of teachers. In 2019, it will include training a teacher in community/mental health music programmes and providing support for individual teacher development
  2. Provide music scholarships to ensure that children can afford to learn music
  3. Provide an instrument hire and buy and exchange programme to reduce the cost of learning to play a musical instrument
  4. Support the WHS music programme with specialist teaching resource

New Performance Opportunities

  1. Deliver Winter Festival and Big Break events for primary schools through Rock Formation with warm-up events and workshops
  2. Support the expansion of the WHS music programme
  3. Establish junior orchestras (“Little Strings”), choirs, concert bands and other musical groups
  4. Support established musicians

Different Music Experiences

  1. Introduce primary school students to the instruments of the orchestra
  2. Provide support for primary school-based and led initiatives
  3. Hold an annual concert event in Queenstown for the benefit of the whole community
  4. Support established events and musicians